We pick you up and take you directly to your new home

  • A Wellstay agent will wait for you at the arrival gate. 

  • Vehicles are fully insured SUVs with enough space for all luggage

  • All airport pickup vehicles have free Wi-Fi, so you can call or video chat with your family as soon as you arrive.

Get familiarized with your new surroundings and take care of important tasks.

  • A tour of your new neighborhood and school or workplace.

  • Open bank & cell phone account

  • Set up all utilities (electric, gas, internet, water, etc)

  • Help you resolve any billing issues.

1. We provide airport pickup

< The full payment is required before service begins>

Service period is within 1 month of your arrival

Wellstay airport pickup

Homes will be filled with basic household essentials.


  • Wellstay provides you with all the basic home supplies

(Toilet tissue, paper towels, hand soap, dishwashing tools, cups, water bottles, plasticware) 

  • This package also includes a lunch or dinner bento box the day you move in

3. Basic home supplies

2. Account setup + brief city and neighborhood tour 

$ 350

<No refund granted if service is canceled 15 days prior to arrival date>

(Wellstay has partnered with national cell phone service provider, to offer SIM card that can be used instantly once arriving in the U.S.)

<Within a one-month period, clients can receive additional help when needed after contacting and discussing any issue with a Wellstay staff member>

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