<Wellstay services>

These options can be added at any time

50% of each service will be required as a deposit <A 20% non-refundable service fee is deducted from the deposit>

Living space set up (order from selected sites)


Wellstay assembles & arranges everything before you arrive.

  • Individual furniture assemble & delivery -$60/piece

  • Assemble & deliver up to 6 pieces of furniture -$300

(Service cost does not include the price of furniture) 

Vehicle purchase or lease -$300

Buddy program (3 months) -$500

Wellstay will find you a native English mentor to help you learn about American culture in a natural way

  • The American mentor will be from your university and will help you get accustomed to your new school 

  • You will have a maximum of 10 meetings for a 3 months duration from the time your arrival. 

  • You can use this time to share culture, practice English or get help with living issues

Driver’s License - $300

Tutoring Program (1 semester)-$500

Grocery Shopping-$60/service

Wellstay provides you with a tutor from your school

  • You will have a maximum of 10 meetings during 1 semester. 

  • You can use this time to learn how to write standard U.S. college papers and assignments or practice English

All inclusive Home Set up $3,000

Purchase, assemble and arrange all furniture before you arrive

  • Wellstay will fully furnish and set up the entire home for you 

  • Some provided furniture includes;

-Tables, chairs, bed, desk, sofa, kitchen items, room lights, bedding, bookshelf, etc. 

<Settle down services>

Airport pickup -$80 (including tip and tax) 

Additional $20 for every 20 miles outside of Chicago

  • A Wellstay agent will wait for you at the gate.

  • Vehicles are fully insured SUVs with enough space for large luggage.

  • All airport pickup vehicles will have free Wi-Fi, so you can call or video chat with family as soon as you arrive. 

Home hunting – $150 

Given your budget and other requirements, we’ll find a place near your school or job. 

  • All homes found with our services come with photos and videos.

  • Video chat inside the home can also be arranged.

Account Set up Assistance- $50

Set up bank account, utilities (eclectic, gas, internet, water, etc.) and open a cell phone account.

  • To better assist our clients, Wellstay has partnered with a national cell phone service provider to offer a 1-month free trial SIM card that can be use instantly once arriving in the U.S.

English Speaking Support.   


Wellstay will send an agent that speaks your native language to assist you in English.

(shopping, school registrations, help resolving billing issues, etc.)

  • Half day (up to 6 hours) - $300 (Includes pickup and drop off)

  • Assistance by the hour: $40/ hour

(Time starts at the location)


Driving Services 

Need to buy and move furniture or other big items? 

  • Wellstay sends an agent to pick up and drop you and your things off at home.

    $60 (Sedan or SUV)
    $140 (Van or Truck)

Driver in your native language will be sent, if available. 

<Language support services>

<Other Assistance>

We help you find the right car within your budget

  • Assistance in your native language at the car dealership

  • Wellstay agents will help bargain for the best price

  • Assistance with purchasing car insurance 


Wellstay will help you shop for foreign or local groceries.

  • Pick-up and drop-off

  • foreign or local groceries


<fee does not include the price of groceries >


We help prepare you for the driver's exam and test

  • Wellstay will provide a mandatory insured car for the driver’s test

  • Up to 3 opportunities 

  • Home country license required

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