Wellstay services provide high-quality care for student moving to America, just like family. We help you safely settle down in the U.S. and create an easy, fast transition to a new home.


< Wellstay's services are currently only available in Chicago, but will be in more cities soon >

When you arrive in a foreign city, everything is strange and new, but Wellstay helps you avoid any trouble while moving internationally. 


When you arrive, we will pick you up!  Whenever you are settled we will give you a tour of the city, your school or company.

We can help you find the perfect new home in neighborhoods that are safe and close to your new school or job.

Empty house? We’ll fill it up with all the essentials that turn a house into a home. Arrive ready to hop into bed or make your favorite meal.

Need a car or thinking about getting a license? Wellstay can help make that happen.



Third biggest city in U.S., Chicago is home to famous universities; such as Northwestern, University of Chicago, School of the Art Institute, and more.


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