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We help you find the right car within your budget

  • Assistance in your native language at the car dealership

  • Wellstay agents will help bargain for the best price

  • Assistance with purchasing car insurance 

2. Vehicle purchase or lease -$300

Account Set up Assistance- $50

Set up bank account, utilities (electricity, gas, internet, water, etc.) and open a cell phone account.

  • To better assist our clients, Wellstay has partnered with a national cell phone service provider to offer SIM card that can be use instantly once arriving in the U.S.

1. Account Set up Assistance- $50

3. Buddy program (3 months) -$500

Wellstay will find you a native English mentor to help you learn about American culture in a natural way

  • The American mentor will be from your university and will help you get accustomed to your new school 

  • You will have a maximum of 10 meetings for a 3 months duration from the time your arrival. 

  • You can use this time to share culture, practice English or get help with living issues

4. Tutoring Program (1 semester)-$500

Wellstay provides you with a tutor from your school

  • You will have a maximum of 10 meetings during 1 semester. 

  • You can use this time to learn how to write standard U.S. college papers and assignments or practice English

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